Monday, March 31, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

We had great fun visiting the kids, grandkids up in Madisonville while we were in Texas. Charlie, BJ, and Leslie solved all the world's problems while Sada and I played with Cody, Tyler, Landon, and Mallie, Sada and BJ's Blue Heeler, in their yard. Denise was working but she was able to join us for the trip to the famous Leona experience like no other. Someday I'll take pics of THAT place too. (Leslie is standing a bit down the driveway making him look smaller than he actually is.)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Tyler and fish, butterflies, bees, dolphins, whales, turtles

"resting" turtle

Grandsons playing

We had great fun playing in Madisonville with Cody 7, Tyler 4, and Landon 2. It was warm so we could be outside and spent a lot of the afternoon at the lake and playground. Tyler found a turtle which he was convinced was not dead, but just resting and spent most of his time poking it and trying to cajole it to go swim with the fishes. That kid has just got to grow up to be a naturalist. Cody is a wonderful caretaker for his younger cousin, Landon who is busy, busy and a complete daredevil on the playground and elsewhere. We sure do miss them but it was great fun to see them. 1 year old Jackson, has been busy stealing hearts since he was adopted from Guatemala by Charlie's oldest daughter Robin, and her husband Richard.

Fun times in Houston

Here's Kels and his old friend Thomas. They are both busy students at UH so we were lucky to get some good quality time in. He also works weekends at a local restaurant in the Heights and has been volunteering at the Houston Food Bank. He and his friend Thomas pledged a fraternity so say prayers that they make it through all those antics unscathed.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Progressive Dinner is a hit!

This is a photo of a few of the kiddos who came to the lst Annual Progressive Dinner my friend Christine and I organized at Hillhurst United. It turned out splendidly if I do say so. 85 people participated and judging from the comments.. a fun time was had by all. Lots of new friends and connections made. Coordinating that number of people going every which way all across Calgary was a bit mind-boggling. Thank heavens for Christine's attention to detail. ...WHEW! but we did it so I guess they'll sign us up for doing it next year too but for now I'm a bit braindead. I had promised that we'd put Charlie's talk he gave at church on the blog but the audio was messed up.. so ... just trust me He spoke quite movingly and many people have said they were touched by him pouring out his heart. I'm glad he's mine cause several women said they wished he were their husband after he was done. Yikes!