Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sadness for Shugy

Our sweet girl, Shugar, came to us 12 years ago...when Kelsey was in 3rd grade. We had been at the pet shop getting food for Kels' turtle, when we saw a sign, "Sweet Border Collie Mix Needs a New Home." Her owners met us on a wintry day in a Home Depot parking lot and Kelsey, afraid that he wouldn't be allowed to have her, kept his coat hood up, shielding his face, until they said we could have her. He quickly whipped off the hood, got a huge smile on his face, and grabbed the leash. Shugy had already been sitting right on my feet and when we got home; she spent all of her time in those early days sitting on our laps. If we left her in the backyard , she'd somehow get out - even with rebar! But, there she'd be, sitting on the front porch when we got home.
Shugy was the first dog I had on my own and Kelsey's first too. When Charlie came along, he tried to take her for walks, but she'd put on the brakes if he tried to go more than a block from the house. She was a loyal one-woman dog.
Everyday, Shugar lived up to her name. The groomers would say "She's just the sweetest," even though we had to carry her in there. After a few times of hauling that 50lb+ girl in there, I decided to buy professional dog clippers and do it myself. It was not a pretty. Shugy was a real trooper though, and thankfully she didn't have a mirror to see my "expertise."
Strangers thought her bark was ferocious - perfect for me as a single mom - but she really just wanted you to endlessly pet her tummy.
Unfortunately, when we relocated to Canada, we couldn't take her with us. After much agonizing and searching, we found an angelic caretaker who gave her a home on her farm - bought her special vitamins and lavished her with TLC, even though Shugy's eyesight and hearing were already failing. As the grande dame, she presided over the menagerie of animals, hung out with her new best friends, a golden retriever named Lori and a husky mix, Elle, and even tolerated the horses.
She died peacefully in her sleep the other day, just a few days after Lori. Shugy - we were so blessed to have you in our lives and we will miss you forever.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Falling into Fall

We've had a spectacularly gorgeous summer here in the Canadian Rockies.

Perhaps we'll get a few days of a last hurrah and but Fall is fast approaching. To everything there is a season.

Lately, I've been exploring a contemplative spiritual side, spurred on by a friend's labyrinth experience. http://www.everydaylabyrinth.wordpress.com/ On Monday, we went to walk a labyrinth here in town- an ancient spiritual diagram designed to bring the participant in communion with the sacred. The experience - a new one for me - is very peaceful, centering, calming, unique. Here we were standing right in the middle of a city of a million people and although we could hear the sounds of city life, we were wonderfully removed. As I trailed behind S on the path, I thought. Isn't this what friends are for? Sometimes to be your guide..sometimes to follow your path... not necessarily to always be on the same 'road', but to share your journey, your ups and downs....sometimes just to BE there.

And that brought me into being in gratitude for all the friends and family with whom we were lucky enought to shared time with over the summer. Pondering at La Pensione Pentland.

Hobnobbing with the Higgins Team.

Lounging with Lindbergs and Lenons at a Pizza Party..(see the Vanishing Vinyls post.)

Delta Gamma Dames.

Fun with Foxy Katie Fox.

Meeting in Marietta. (yes... a meeting - obligatory....)

A gaggle of Garrisons. (My cousins who root religiously for Roger Federer.)

Sassy lasses Stampeding.

Muskingum Mavens aka River Rat Residers.

Ta Ta to Tibet Travelers.

Kelso Klan ...oops Clan... at Whetten Wedding.

Lunching with Large Lady (not Carmela - the statue!)

Half a Dozen on Don's Deck.

Munching at Mercato. Fellow Forty-Somethings. (mostly.)

Hugging Hillary Higgins at Hillhurst.

E's eye's on it!
Hanging with the Holdrens.

Get-together with the Goodricks.

Say? Is that Sam y Senora Smith?

Look! It's the Lucky Lebenslust-ers.

Four Females before the Floor was Finished. (see Don's Deck photo)

Jazzercisers at Jacqui's.

Nine Neighbors noshing...(Notice not that it is actually eight.)

Preparing for the Pirate Party on the Plank. ..Arrrr.
Can more fun be had in Canmore? (ok..that's super silly, eh?)

And....Boyz behaving.
Missed seeing mis tres nietos. See ya soon!
Hope to catch up with more family and friends in the Fall. Come on up, y'all!