Friday, February 15, 2008

What the February?

Welcome to our blog. Okay, so i stole the What the February title from Ellen DeGeneres...but Ellen is part of my middle name. Just trying this blogging for fun bec. seems like the kids are into it. Hopefully the blog will last longer than giving up email for Lent lasted. Maybe we'll put some fun travel stuff on here and some new family photos (feel free to send us some!) For now, we are excited that we're getting to make a trip back to Houston in March - much sooner than we thought we would. So send us your latest, and check back now and then. Cheers!


Sandel said...

I am so glad that you are on the blog band wagon !!!!! Oh goodie when are you coming in March???

Sada said...

Looks good -- I can't bring myself to do blog site AND myspace. Keep us posted with lots of pics!

Roger said...

Great pictures and layout. Wisht I could use some of them there HTML taggies. Thankful I can remember what HTML stands for! Enjoyed the link to Arti & Mark's website.