Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Famous Five

Some dear girlfriends and I celebrated 80 years of Canadian women being declared "'persons" at a high tea honoring five courageous women, Emily, Nellie, Louise, Irene, and Henrietta.
Best remembered for their work as suffragists, legislators, champions of the rights and welfare of women and children, and for their successful appeal of the ‘Persons' Case in 1929 [in Canada] which changed the world for all women in the British Empire. Dressed in our Sunday best,

we were ever so lady-like as we sipped our tea and nibbled on those delightful, tiny finger sandwiches and fought over, (i mean bid on) spectacular artist-made hats --www.aboundphotography.com/Non-Profit/Famous-5-Foundation/


all to support the Famous 5 foundation that carries on the leadership work begun by these hard-as-nails early feminists.
Carry on, girls! "We are equal to high and splendid braveries."


mmmuffins said...

I don't know who those women are but it sounds like fun! I also really like your coat!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful celebration and tribute to those amazingly steadfast women who began the paths to freedom for all of their sistahs! ♥ It must have been empowering just to be there! Way to go Jane!

Anonymous said...

sistas rock! LDR

everydaylabyrinth said...

ladies who lunch....soul sister style!

Canadian Mum said...

Being a Canadian, Albertan, Calgarian girl gives me the privilege of knowing about these Fab 5 women! The first school I taught at was dedicated to one of these lovely ladies... Nellie McClung. Dare I say it was 1976 when I was allowed to grace the school and have a fantastic student teaching experience. Well golly... that must make me nearly as old as her! Did you win the bid for the hat Jane?