Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brandon's Wedded Bliss

Here it is! The long-awaited Wedding Blog.
Charlie and I were so blessed to see two of the happiest people on the planet, his youngest son, Brandon, and Brandon's beloved fiance, Jenni, tie the knot. Marriage is a blending not only of the bride and groom's lives, but also a blending of their families with all our imperfections and perhaps a bit of dysfunctionality?

Perhaps you know that our family has had its share of relationship challenges and we haven't been as close to Brandon as we've wanted to be, so his and Jenni's invitation to be at their wedding was a gift straight from their hearts to ours: a true gift from God.
These are Brandon's last few minutes of being single but he is ready to get the wedding show on the road! He has his best buds, brothers, and brothers-in-law all giving him a rousing send-off.

Not being Annie Liebowitz nor having my high-tech, sneak up on you from afar, longer-than-a-weiner dog lens and having a very wiggly grandson on my lap, I didn't get any during-the-wedding photos.

The main point is that we were at the wedding to see Brandon and the love of his life, the beautiful and effervescent Jenni, celebrate the beginning of their life's journey together in a simply elegant and passionate ceremony.

With everyone in their wedding finery it was time to put the FUN back in DysFUNctional. Enter the blushingly beautiful bride and her beaming beau Brandon as new life partners.

The grandsons were all decked out for Uncle Buh's wedding but not for lonnng! They (and we) got to explore the soggy grounds during the reception. For me, it'd been nearly a whole year since I'd seen them, so I couldn't wait to kiss their perfectly coiffed but soon-to-be-sweaty heads.

This is the newest grandson-to-be, Mr. Atomic A, and his proud adopting parents. D was happy but really emotional about her baby brother being married. Our time is so short together - shower the people you love with love.

BJ was happy for his brother too...

But NOT happy enough to get dragged out onto the dance floor.

At the end of the evening, Little L told his dad, BJ, "I made two new friends tonight - Grandad and GrandJane." Our hearts melted right onto the dance floor.

Lots of roasts and toasts for the happy couple. Looks like Brandon might already be worrying about the cupcake he's gonna get...right...right...


And they lived happily ever after....
The Beginning.


Holly Higgins said...

Hooray!! I loved it. Thanks for sharing...

Sada said...

sweet - that sums it up!