Friday, June 4, 2010

Our sweet little Mochy has gone on to greener pastures. Mochy started her life in quite dire circumstances, was rescued by our friend, Nan, Then we adopted her and had her for 6 wonderful years before we moved to Canada. For the last 4 years, Mochy has been lovingly parented by our daughter Denise and her family, and they totally fell in love with her charming little self.

Mochy had her share of early-on hardships. When we got her, she had mange and heartworm and the vet also missed that she was very pregnant. She brought her little pups to the back door one by one and then cried all night until she could pass the afterbirth.

She loved her new family out in the fresh country air and was very happy as top dog when her older sister, Shugy, went on to a happy life on another farm. Mochy was a funny-looking dog with sharpei ears and wrinkles, a double coat and black tongue of a Chow and a lab face and slick coat and a tail that couldn't figure out what it wanted to do.

We were fortunate to be able to give her some last pets and tell her we loved her when we were back in Texas, a couple weeks ago.

Godspeed, magnificent Mocha. Look for Kels, Shugy and other friendly folks, two and foor-footed in heaven. We will miss you so.


Sandel said...

we will miss you moch xxooxxo I know that Kels will take good care of you,

Sada said...

I didn't know Shugy died too! Such sweet doggies :)

Love you