Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Does Size Matter?

Here I am starting to make a wee bit o' spaghetti sauce for me and Sean Connery, but I ended up with about 14 1/2 litres. And yes you can you get carpal tunnel from opening these industrial size purees. But whose diabolical idea was those mini-sized tomato paste cans? Whuts up with that??

So for my world-famous sauce...ok..it has a small following of my hubby and our daughter in Texas, only the freshest ingredients will do! Sean Connery and I can't eat all this ourselves so we dole it out to unsuspecting friends and neighbors. Here I am just calmly grinding India Extra Bold peppercorns into the sauce, when ..look closely... see the dangling wedding ring? A narrowly averted mishap or I'd have been knocking on my neighbors' doors.... do ya mind if I search yo spaghetti sauce?" Stay tuned: Online ordering available soon.


Sandel said...

So you are shipping some on over to Texas right?????? Oh my I can not wait!!!!!! I miss that sauce, oh yeah and you guys too. love ya

Sada said...

yummy!!!!!!!!!! I love some spaghetti!!

Pia said...

so of course my eye goes straight to the sub title does size matter? you clever naughty girl!