Monday, June 9, 2008

Hillhurst Happenings

So not that much news except while Charlie's BBQ'ing in the rain on our little balcony, we saw this! A side benefit to all this rain and now hail! But, the geese and ducks are out on the river and makin' babies and we're hoping that it will try just a little harder to feel like Summer. Did we even have Spring yet? The sun doesn't set till after 10pm so it's nearly bedtime by then. The grass is green once again and the hanging baskets are out on the path, so all is well.

These were taken at our minister's houseparty. He's the one with all the hair behind Charlie. The United Church is really progressive which suits us well and we're discovering that being a Christian and standing for social justice as Jesus did doesn't have to be coupled with rigid beliefs and regressive politics... how refreshing! Most Sundays finds us and our pewmates with teary eyes. (that's you guys, Higgins team) I'm thinking we'll take out stock in Kleenex.

Two fun buddies, Crazed Christine and Who Hugh


Sada said...

What a beautiful rainbow. I love it. Looks like Hawaii in the sky, but feels like Canada in the air (I bet)! Glad you guys are enjoying yourselves.

The Rose Fam said...

Hey Jane!!! I've been hearing about all of the beautiful sites you all are seeing! These pics look like postcards! Absolutely beautiful!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

i want to be you for like ever you live life to its fullest -- wow. how long have you and hubby been married....he is a VERY blessed man. tell him to not take advantage of his hot mamma