Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Peaks and Valleys

It's Canada Day aka The Long Weekend. Can't really compare to the 4th of July, but since it fell on a Tuesday, Hiking Henry decided to take Monday off so we could take a leisurely alpine hike at our local ski hill. Here's how it works: Drive a few scenic kilometers up to said mountain, pay a pricey privilege to take rickety school bus UP the ski-OUT aka Dusty Construction Road loaded with Dusty Construction Vehicles building new ski lodge, and then hike what should be a 3 hour tour at a run since the last bus down (aforementioned school transport) leaves top of said mountain at o'nearly right now, but the reward was ...well... see below.

Such a jolly holiday watching snow melt.

Hiking Hank only had tennis shoes aka "runners" on, but I was smart enough to have real boots..which could use a wee bit more waterproofing. But we were eyewitnesses to beginning of wild rushing glacial runoff downstream. I was thinking perhaps the ski runs wouldn't look so intimidating without all the snow.. ..um... well, Take THAT you black diamonds..I'll be back in the winter..just you wait!

Oh yeah...I did say it was Canada Day.. so we went over for the free concert, vendors selling useless junk but oh-ho! looky..something useful...only in the True North Strong and Free - wool hats in July!

Now..on to the 4th and Stampede! Stay tuned


Hillary said...

C&J ... thank you for letting me be a part of your Canada celebrate ... the lamb was delicious!!! :) And of course, the dominos...always great. Looking forward to you both being at the race on Sunday. I know M&D are happy that I am taken care of. Much love until I see you later in the week ...hillary

(and yes - I will be celebrating July 4th tomorrow! Duel citizenship duty of course!)

Sada said...

I can't imagine -- in July!!?? Look at that snow. So cool -- the pictures are amazing. A "non-couch potato's" dream!!