Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stampede, Sun and Salsa

Our visiting Houston friend, Beatrice, captured this shot of the Army helicopter doing a fly-over at the Calgary Stampede, the "Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth" Every night, along with the Canadian National anthem, The Stampede Band plays the U.S. National Anthem as a tribute to the number of Americans who partipate and/or attend the 10-day event. If you didn't wear western attire to work the whole week, shame on you!

Have you had a beer-rita? If you've come to one of our Annual 4th of July Parties, you have. If you missed it this year...mark it down for next year. But you have to pace yourself or....well.. we did have a blow-up bed on hand if we had unexpected stay-overs. There's more party photos but most of them comment.'s one..

Here's a little vignette from the Sun and Salsa Fest this Sunday. Our church's dunk tank, (Who Would Jesus Dunk)was a huge hit with kids and the people who think they are still kids until the dunk tank split open - ruh roh! Our friend Lee and a few others sent Charlie into the tank a time or two.

and then...OOPS!

Back for more...ooooh that's cold!

after being the "victim" in the dunk tank for more than his share of turns, we're suspicious that our minister, John, called in the "divine intervention??" that split the tank. 'fess up John!

Now we're off this weekend on a road trip to the Okanagan wineries, Vancouver, Victoria Island, and Seattle. Stay tuned.


bamf1529 said...

excellent! it did look cooold!!!!

Anonymous said...

was the cold water the cause of shrinkage? or is it always that size?