Saturday, October 18, 2008

Et tu Brute?


How to Make the Perfect Bloody Caesar.

Ok..I added the last part.
So yesterday, we had The Best of the USA, Major League Baseball and the Best of Canada, Bloody Caesars. For you poor souls who, have been Caesar-deprived, a Bloody Caesar is a Canadian favorite, a Calgary invention, and your year's worth of veggies in a glass... well, it IS, Mom! Sorta like a Bloody Mary only wayyy better. After a gazillion errands, the Chief Caesar-Maker decided we deserved an extra-big helping of beta-carotene as we watched Game 6 of the ALCS. So here it is, straight from the vault, unveiled for the first-time your eyes only o' beloved reader: The Perfect Bloody Caesar.

First, get BIG sense in namby-pamby smidgey, barely-get-anything-in-them glasses.

Fill with ice.

Then get your celery salt. Ruh roh! We're almost out! Have we made these one or two times before??

Here's the Merry Mixologist hard at work gathering the necessary "vegetables."

Clamato - The Works - if you can't find The Works you can use regular Clamato, but do not use plain old tomato juice or you will get a Plain Jane drink (and i don't use that term lightly!) Use Louisiana Hot Sauce or any good hot sauce as long as it's HOT. This is not a drink for wimps. And procure Ice-cold Vodka (store it in the freezer).

Oh no! There's only enough Grey Goose for one...but lucky for us, the Master Mixologist has a backup bottle. Musta been a Boy Scout. Get Worcestershire Sauce and freshly-squeezed Lime juice. Do NOT use reconstituted juice from a jar unless it's an emergency. For extra kick, grate some fresh horseradish if you can find it... Here with the plethora of root vegetables in the land of Endless Winter, you'd think you could find fresh horseradish - but, alas, we are still training the Canucks' tempered tastebuds to tolerate tang!

Use 1/2 a lime for each glass and run the limes around the rim so the celery salt will stick. (Sidenote: limes are really expensive here, so we really savor them. Ahhh..the days of limes 10/$1 at the Houston farmer's market, but I'm digressing again.. Can you tell I already have the end product in hand?) Don't use regular salt. This is Not a Margarita or a Beer-rita. That's another lesson.

With carefully practiced skill, place your celery salt into an expensive rimming thingy, like ours, and rim your glass. Then using a time-honored method, artfully demo'd here, squeeze at least 1/2 a lime into each glass...and for sure, more is better.
Don't tell, but the Daring Drink-Maker doesn't rim his glass and neither does my friend, Lee, who makes her Caesars with tequila and no salt. Heresy!
Ready? Go! Pour in 1..ok .. 2 shots of's a BIG glass..remember? Looks like the Cheerful Caesar-Maker has a bit of a heavy hand.

Then add the Clamato to the top..nearly...

Leave room for a few dashes (ok...put in more ...i said MORE!) of the Tabasco, Clyde's Hot Sauce, Melinda's Make-Ya-Cry Sauce, Bubba's Breathbuster, or ..well, you get it.

Then a bunch of dashes (that IS Martha Stewart terminology) of the Worcestershire. Is that a knife you're stirring with, Maestro Mixer? Et voila, let's get this party started!

Whoooooo! That'll put hair on your chest and/or scare it off yer head! Time to watch Beckett beat 'em!


Canadian Mum said...

What an interesting way to come up with fun on a Sunday afternoon! Might just have a bit too much of a kick for me :( Bottoms up though!

Psssst... Is that your Tommy Bahama shirt Charlie?????

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

bad c.m.! i finally got that darn scrabblegram after 60 hours of brain scrabbling! that is charlie's black eddie bauer polo not to be confused with the ubiquitous TB shirt!

Carrie said...

I haven't had a bloody mary in a LONG time! Looks good and what a cute bartender!

Sandel said...

Looks terrific! Maybe Dad can repeat his preformance in a couple of months. Love ya

Lacy said...

Hey Jane! Thanks for being a great supporter of the Kelso blog. I am so sorry I never emailed you back. The bike is being taken care of by good ol bike guroo dad. I am sure Denise told you by now, but wanted to let you know. You have the sweetest heart and are always on your toes! Your amazing. I love the quote. Hope is is well.......waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over there.

Sada said...

too cute. crazy to think I was in school with Beckett -- not that I'm claiming him. I don't care for how he acts on the 'ole TV -- kids are watching! Anyway, you guys look like you are pros on the drink mixin'!