Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trekking in Toronto

Two Sassy Senoras strolled a Surprising Section of the Town of Toronto. What did they find? Ooooh, Liberty Lunch - a cool spot for Sharing Sandwiches and Sweet Potato Fries that Spoke to our Stomach. After Sating ourSelves we Sauntered by this Savory Soppresata Salami Shop. (ok.. it's a coffee roastery but that doesn't fit the alliteration.)

Strolling further down the Street, the Designer Diva is Depicted here Scouting Specials before we Coddled up to some Cherry Candles in Coniferous Containers. (don't try this at home, kids)

And Here is Handy Hale our Helper copping La Chica, a City Cart in which she can Carry her Charges.

Helpful Hale so wanted to Be Beauteous on the Blog that he Brought out his Best Bargain for the Broads, I mean Babes.

And Bouyant with Bags we were Bustling off to Balzac's for beverages!

Dare you look at the Display of Divine Desserts that Delighted the Divas? And Peek at "Purty in Pink" parading with her possible "Prada" and her Purchase.

This is the Cofee Counter with the Carafe of Coffee the Cheeky Chick Chose and it Came with a Chimichanga-sized Chai.
Girl time was Glorious but where are the Big Boys? (Tune in tomorrow.)


Canadian Mum said...

I'm Perfectly Pleased you had some Fantastical Frolicking Fun in Terrific Toronto! Glad and Gleeful was I to be part of your Great Girlie Gaiety! Really can't wait to see what our Brave, Boisterous, Beaming Boys were up to!

Carrie said...

I think D and I MUST visit YOU!!!

Sandel said...

How fun!!!!! I would love to visit :)

Dana and Daisy said...

Obviously the girls were having more fun!