Thursday, January 29, 2009

Denise's Dare

Our daughter, Denise, got a challenge from her friend, Carrie Rose , to come up with her ten favorite things that started with the Letter O. Denise did an Outstanding job Noted on and then passed the challenge onto me! My letter is N.

My 10 Favorite things that start with N:

Nestling down with a Good Book. I'm reading the one Denise gave me, Water for Elephants.

Noshing on great food. I love to try new stuff and find THE BEST of a certain food. Like, the best oysters are at Elliott's in Seattle; the best milkshake is at Diner Deluxe; the best steak is a bison ribeye made my spouse.. I could go on...

Nobody Negative or Nay-Sayers. That's a fave..cause I like it when nobody is negative. Always look on the bright side of life! (anybody name that movie?)

Niccolo cause that's my "No-longer-a-teenager's middle name and the little Nuzzling Nemo-loving grandson and his not-wanting-to-be in the picture brother too!

Needing Friends. Especially Friends who like to Nosh. Friends make the world go round.
Notes of Music: Especially my brother, Mark's, New Age music He has an amazing ability to help people heal, in whatever way they might be needing, with his Notes. And, I love to sing although the last time I was in a choir which was world famous in our tiny midwestern hometown, with Kristine and I as featured soloists.. back in the last century... I think Nixon was President. ) [Aside: Frost/Nixon...good movie esp. if you lived through those days..and perhaps, even more so if you didn't] Nowadays, the People in the Pews in front of me can tell you that I'm Practically a Professional Pop Star. No, No.. Need to Stick to N words.

Necklaces: duh! My faves are the beautiful ones I have handmade by master metal and gem workers, Veronica Glynn and Beatrice Mladenka-Fowler. I love getting to wear a new one everytime I work at Ten Thousand Villages. Isn't this one that Beatrice made spectacular?

Newborns: awwwwww... and they Need Nuzzling and we're gonna get another one in our family in the summer!

Nine kiddos (if you count grandkids) plus one to meet someday soon and one who will be making an appearance in 7+/- months.
Now that was Notre Voce.. what's yours? ...i didn't forget NEMO, did I? T would not be happy 'bout that.

In keeping with the theme, does anyone Need a New Naughty Nyla-BoneEater? Actually, Mallie is really, really lovable. She just needs a new space to be in. She loves to play, chase balls and is GREAT with kids.

Anybody Notice that I didn't say Naked! Want your very own letter??


BWJ said...

i want my very own letter:)

Sandel said...

Great job. Of course I never doubted that you would do well.