Sunday, January 18, 2009

Practically Punked! and Puked!

Have you ever been the victim of a great practical joke? One where they get you sooo badly that you can't decide whether to be mad or laugh so hard your sides split. That's what happened last week when were seriously punked by our friends the Higginses, henceforth known as The Dastardly Duo (although they had help from their oh-so-innocent looking daughters too!)

Here's the background: We have a little trick we play on each other where we sneak a box of a "Owl Puke" into each other's houses without the other family knowing. For the first few times, it was a pretty tame game: They hid it beneath our bathroom towels; we'd snuck the box into their deacon's bench... .. but then they Changed the Rules of the Game.

Let's just say this: real Calgary policemen arrived at our condo, arrested
Tom, placed him in handcuffs, Sharon 'cried.' Their daughters, Hillary and Holly are stricken with concern for their dad.. more crocodile tears from Sharon. accusation of guilt for Charlie and then FINALLY, I figured out that it was all a ruse to get the Owl Puke back in our house and the gig was up.. We had been HAD!It will make for a story for the ages. But now we are busy plotting to get them back, BIG! So if you have any good ideas or an 'in' with Ashton Kutcher.. give me a jingle. I hope you are shaking in your boots, Higgins Family. Rest assured that our brains are working overtime on how to PUNK you back!


Canadian Mum said...

Oh! We so scared!!! It will take you a long time to come up with a way to beat this one "coldest season of the year people!!" Ha! Come on... you have to admit, it was WAY too fun!

Sandel said...

you guys are crazy!!!!

Your letter is N