Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dominos de Mexico y las barcas de bananas

So we had to have our last hurrah at the Higgins house before they move off to Toronto. We sure will miss them! (Note: tears dripping into keyboard) They even helped me nurse my burned-out skimuscles with ice packs and the best La-Z-Boy chair ever! Sadly, their daughter Hillary, the reigning Mexican Dominoes champ had to fly off to Italy, so her proxy Baa Baa Noir (pictured here) sat in for her. But, Baa Baa couldn't save the day as a former domino champ was recrowned. Baa Baa was gracious enough to relinquish the tiara without complaint. Have you ever had Banana Boats? Tom and Sharon Higgins have a not-so-secret stash of all the fixings. So this old Girl Scout fave was extremely decadent with loads of melted chocolate chips, coconut, marshmallows and peanut butter. Could it be a more perfect ending? Well...only if they would stay here in Calgary.

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Canadian Mum said...

We would like to say..."Once a champ, always a champ" about ourselves but instead that honour goes to Jane. 2 out of 3 games she has snatched right out from under our nose!!! What's up with that... and both of those times, we invited her to our house? Slap us along side our heads... will that get some sense into us? Hardly... the friendship is quality with you guys... the dominoes... well, that is another story. Kinda CHEEKY!