Sunday, April 20, 2008

Memeza Africa

This was the week for African music. This is Memeza Africa... a beautiful choir we went to see on Friday. They had such rich voices, a contagious energy and an inspirational message.

This multi-talented choir originates from Soweto, South Africa near Johannesburg. Soweto is South Africa’s largest black community alive with a vibrant energy and rich in culture and history. The resilience and spirit of the people triumphed over apartheid and Soweto is now the home of South African freedom music.

Memeza Africa members not only share their beautiful singing and drumming talents but also provide an income for the members in a community where the unemployment rate is staggering. Employment for one choir member directly impacts an average of seven to ten people as when one earns a living, it is shared among all family and extended family members.

check out their website: or better yet..go see them when they come near you.

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