Saturday, April 26, 2008

Skiing at last!

A hamstring and back "injury" meant that I was missing the entire ski season. So when I got the diagnosis that it wasn't something I could reinjure, I decided perhaps I could go. So off to Sunshine Village in Banff, I went with my wild friend Victoria. I took it pretty easy on some green and a few blue runs, while Victoria was tearin' it up on the black diamonds. What a glorious day. And after a bit o' ibuprofen and some well-placed icepacks we're still alive and the '07-08 season isn't a total bust. We just might tempt fate and go again on Monday.


Lacy said...

How fun Jane!!! It is always eye candy for Texans to see snow. Thanks for all of your sweet comments. I enjoyed seeing what you are to in Canada. Hope to see you soon.Love, Lacy

Precious picture of Tyler

Sada said...

wow you are brave! I'm too much of a baby. Glad you had fun even through your injury. How ya been? i feel like I've not talked to you in forever!

P.S. we're in our house -- I'm lovin' it!