Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trekking in Toronto Part 2

(EnTitled Where are Charlie and his Trusty Sidekick Tom?)

While the Girls were Gaily Gadding About where were our Brave and Boisterous Boys? Could Charlie be Chasing Chow in Chinatown?

Could the Jersey Boy be Jogging or Taking in Tokes? Oh Truly!

....Maybe those Dudes are Dawdling on "DundAss" Street? (Don'tcha know the kids love saying THAT one! )

Does the Billboard Babe know where those Boys have Bounded?

Are they Lolligagging in Lawrence Market?

Are we Tracking Traces of Tom?

Here's Tom's Trick.. his own Tienda. Hey.. are they perusing the pumpkins?

Wait! Walk by the Wines and who is Tasting Tannins??

Finally! There's the Dastardly Duo! Now, we can all be off to more Dignified Doings...

Like when they Posed for a Picture outside the Proprietor's Place, when a Panhandler Propositioned us for Plane fare to Prague. No put-on!

Finally.. the end of a Short Spree - All Satiated!

and back to Warm Squash/Happy Home with the Duchess of the Dump and her Duke.

Time to Publish Post...but stay tuned, dear reader, for upcoming episode of "Friends in Fernie!"


Dana and Daisy said...

That's a good looking crew you're traveling with!

I'm glad you found them.

Canadian Mum said...

Your story and pictures make it look like a lot of feisty, frivolous,fun filled, frolicking went on with the distant and delirious Duchess and Duke... Who were very lucky to have two,tremendously terrific,transients take the Toronto tour with them!

Holly Higgins said...

Really nice to read of your T dot adventures and see pictures of my Mum and Dad!

I like the background of your blog too :)

Hillary said...

I MISS YOU GUYS!!!! The pictures are terrific!!! Looks like a fabulous week in TO with my parents. Thanks for checking out my onto yours! :) Still trying to get some mac&cheese points!

Lots of love!

Lacy said...

You are so creative and I love this hilarious post. Thanks for all of your encouragement and always kind words. Love and miss ya Jane!