Sunday, August 31, 2008

I got an Award!

Looky looky what I got from our daughter, Denise at ! I used to call my niece the "uptown overachiever" but does SHE have a I heart award? I think NO!

Who could've known that a virtual award would be so fun?!

Yet...there is a catch: Here's the rules:

1) I get to put the award on my blog to brag.
2) Then I Pay it Forward by passing it on to 3 other blogs I like..
3) Once I've put their links on my blog, I tell them I've given them the Big Heart award so they can collect it.. and ..then they repeat and so on.. Spreading the Love for sure! So here's my other "I love your blog" winners.

a) Backroads country girl
b) Spring Woodlands country girl and
c) Out of the Country girl my neighbor's AIDS- researching daughter, Laura's, blog - it hasn't been updated since June cause she's back in Canada for a stink but still it's saddening, fascinating, and enlightening.
and an honorary award to
c) Downsouth Cover Girl Country Girl cause I'm addicted to her funny "nouveau Erma Bombeck everyday happenings but methinks CG surely must have more big fuzzy pink hearts than she can handle.
and I'll add a little non-blog too . Is that in the rules? National Public Radio site. It has free music you can listen to - reviews of books, movies and more info than one head can hold. Enjoy!




Canadian Mum said...

I LOVE your blog too Jane! You are deserving of such a wondrous award! I'll vote for you to be Mrs. President anytime!

Sandel said...

Check out my page, I would love you to join the challenge. I am trying to get a group together to discuss.

Sada said...

AWWWWW -- thanks!! Compared to Country Girl and some others I am definately boring, but it's my simple life and I like it :) Thank you for passing the torch.

Holly Higgins said...

Jane, look at you go Blogging lady!!

Now I get it... you can add music? And borders? There is a whole WORLD of blog out there :)

I liked reading and creeping your pages. I will see you in Toronto soon!!