Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Road Trip!

To paraphrase John Belushi: "When the going gets tough, the tough.. go on a ROAD TRIP!" Technically, it was work for Sean Connery but someone has to schlep along to navigate, right? First stop: Peachland, British Columbia. "Someone" had the idea to water ski on Lake Okanagan. 'Twasn't me I can tell you, but I was determined that even wonky skis wouldn't beat me. And 'twasn't yours truly who ended up getting the nastiest bruise ever! (photo of THAT only by request...and who would request that??) ok..judy E. would.

NEXT STOP: Hillside Estates Winery - Narramatta Bench, BC - WAFT Team: Wine and Food Tasting Team. Official Charge: To find the best Okanagan Valley wine for the communion chalice. Day One: Research team begins data-gathering: Leading the team, Chief Sommelier, The Rev. Dr. Gov. John P (also temporarily Official Paparazzi); Governess and Chief Swisher, Anna P; Wedding Singer and Taster for the Proletariat, Paul "Bring it On" Lung; Two buck Chuck, CKWinter, and that girl they let tag along.

No time to take in the view from the vineyard restaurant as the gathered Expert Research team is single-minded in critical data-gathering work.

After a few glasses of wine, the temporary Official Photographer started seeing beauty everywhere.

And a hard day's work comes to an end.


Ricky said...

Well, the first thing I note is that you still have your wit(s) about you, Jane. Laughed out loud at your "...started seeing beauty everywhere" line. Loved all pictures, but was rewarded by patiently waiting to see promised Orca pics. Dismayed to see that you've already visited vineyards -- will you be interested in seeing more in October?

Sada said...

Definately livin' the life.

Canadian Mum said...

What???? Being out with John and Anna and wine and not Tom and Sharon? Geez.... it feels like we live in the centre of the universe! So far away from the action... good on ya though!