Thursday, August 28, 2008

Milkshakes and Manwiches

10 days since my last post?? Whuuuutttt's up with that? Here's a week's worth of excuses...

On Saturday, we made a big pitcher of FRESH peach mojitos to enjoy on our upstairs neighbor's balcony...... someone has to, eh?

On Sunday we had Milkshakes and Manwiches at Dairy Lane with HRH HPH aka Hillary, her world-traveling sister, Holly, and the Right Rev. Dr. Gov. John, but photos...which means we'll have to have a rematch on the milkshakes. (stay tuned also for photos of Lee and Don's beautiful horses... no camera with us that day either. I need to be more like Country Girl)

On Monday, my niece, Kristine, came for a visit from Den Haag, The Netherlands. We had lots of time to catch up while waiting for our dinner which took 1 1/2 hours to land on our table. I could've caught that fish and fried it up in a pan myself!

And then Tuesday and every other day of the week we were glued to the 2008 Summer Olympics Games - yes, we even love beach volleyball. But our loudest cheers were for our friend's grandson, Ricky Berens, who swam the 3rd leg of the 4x200 Freestyle Relay Final winning a gold medal for himself and helping Michael Phelps win his 5th gold.

And then Wed and Friday we cheered on our friend Anna @ the Int'l Paddle Tennis Tournament hosted here in Calgary. Paddle tennis is a cross betw. squash and tennis played on a glassed-in court 1/2 the size of a tennis court w/ a tennis ball, tennis net, and a solid paddle. Fast-paced and fun! We even met the Captain of the USA Team who lives in the Houston Heights! Here's Attackin' Anna playing Chile. And today, they beat Chile again to rank 5th in the whole World. Now, Sean Connery and I are gonna have to take up the game!

I'm gonna steal a photo from our daughter, Denise's, blog so you can see 5-year old grandson, Tyler's amazing artwork. or go to
Feels like fall already. Stay tuned.


Sandel said...

Love the picture o fyou and Kristine.

I left you something on my blog.

Canadian Mum said...

Who picked out the clothes for Anna? She looks smashing whilst working up a sweat! Good on you Anna!!!

Canadian Mum said...

PS... Jane you look smashing too... after those peach mojitoes, who wouldn't be?