Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sleepless in Seattle

[ I'll get to the Sleepless part in a bit] Here we are in Seattle.. the quintessential walking town and I was not going to let my once-again sprained ankle keep me in. So, I laced up my high-top hiking boots, donned my trusty rainjacket and Gorton's Fisherman rainhat, and headed out into the mist. "Wake up Mr. Tree! Do you know where the closest Starbucks is?"

"Yes, you'll find one on every corner but watch out for street hazards, brittle bone girl!"

It's not Starbucks, yet, but I believe I've found the Sherwin Williams test paint house.

And lit a candle for my mom at St. Ann's.
Admired the architecture of the City Dewey Decimal Depository.

Still no Starbucks, but I found the State Car.. the Subaru Forester..the car of intelligent women (and dogs).

And, the State drink... anything at Starbucks. I used to be a devotee of the Chai Latte, until the guy in front of me in line, the kid with the grey toque, asked for his chai latte with Mocha...aha! Maybe, that's the ticket! But why did they ever do away with that tiny little cup o' killer, 99.97% chocolate lover's org...... but I digress.. I'll have to settle for the peppermint mocha with soy and extra moch for Mochy. I can try something else on the next corner or the other Seattle staple, Cafe Lladro. But woman does not live by Starbucks alone... in Seattle it's seafood. Off to Flying Fish!

Even though this guy was in the window, we went in anyway, cause we heard there were oysters!

What could make us happier than oysters on the half shell? It's Oyster Happy Hour! .50each!

But wait.... there's MORE oysters to be had down the day..

whoaaaa...look at the selection.. but we know which ones we want! Totten Virginica. East Coast oysters grown in the cold waters of the West Coast...yummm!
But we're happiest here cause we finally met up with my sweet, charming, intelligent, I'd pick- her-even- if- she- weren't family, Niece, Kate, and her boyfriend Dennis who could be described with the same adjectives.

Before we head back across the border, we must visit Trader Joe's! Out of our way, lady! To stock up on our quota of essentials.. a little this.. a little THAT! top-secret ingredient in Charlie's best-ever, make-ya-slap-yer-mama mac -n cheese! Come see for yourself!

Oops.. and one more of these...

But what about the Sleepless part? "Somebody" in my family was hackin' up a lung the whole time and I think the entire B&B is probably taking home an unwanted souvenir too. Otherwise, a successful Seattle sojourn.


Hillary said...

OOoooooo, I know about the SECRET ingredient for Cheeky Charlie's Mac and Cheese!!!!!!!!!!!! More blog points?? Can they be redeemed next week?? Perhaps with some pics from around the world? Can't wait to see you both!! (Side note - there are Starbucks everywhere, because they are not the stores can only be a certain if there is more demand - just build up another one across the street...!) Ah, the biz degree comes in handy for something!! Love you both!

Canadian Mum said...

Could that possibly be Charlie wearing something other than a black sweater or shirt???? Heah Jane, I know where there are 1 or 2 or 50 Starbucks in the Centre of the Universe. Do you want to come here so I can show them to you? BTW... hug my child for me when she returns from half way around the world next week!

Dana and Daisy said...

I always wondered why they did away with that pure chocalate drink too!