Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving is a day to intentionally reflect on our many, many blessings. So here's a little poem, I use the term loosely about a few of the many people who bless our lives everyday.

We thank God for these three guys, out playing hard,

and these two wild nephews out in the yard.

But wait, who is this guy? Could it be my middle brother?
and this beautiful man is my significant other.
Well, looky here it's Kelsey with his aunt, my niece, Kris,
and sweet G and Shelagh who is just like a Sis.

But wait, these two friends are Hungarian and Czech
and these newlyweds drink red wine on our deck.

Can't forget loco Susan, mi otra hermana

or another brother, Marko, who plays the piana (poetic license)
And then five boys who are playing by the water,

and two beautiful women who are lovable daughters.
Oh look what I found - a cold hiking sister ...

and C's brother and wife with their running shoe blisters ...

Course then there's these buds who are just saying "Cheese!" ...
and a Mum and Dad who are resting with ease ... And God bless you all for being in our lives. This list is by no means exhaustive of the wonderful people who truly put grace in our lives and put up with our shenanigans. Hope you had a safe, and happy Thanksgiving (or Thursday is you're Canadian.) We wish you peace, joy, laughter and love.
The End.

P.S. Tonight, we are all resting easier because we've just learned that Canadian Mum and Dad's traveling daughter and 'adoptee", Hillary, who was scarily stranded when the Bangkok airport was taken over, will be getting safely out of Thailand and winging her way back home shortly. God bless you and Claudia on your journey, HRH HPH! The mac -n cheese awaits!


Canadian Dad said...

When you hold dual citizenship you get the best of both countries. Two doesn't get much better than that!

Canadian Mum said...

I know that Canadian Kid will definitely be over for Ameri-cana Mac and Cheese once she is back in Canada! Canadian Dad and Mum feel very thankful that Canadian Kid was able to make arrangements out of Thailand other than through the Bangkok airport. Thanks for putting us on your "blessed" list.. we feel special.. Maybe I'll be allowed to drink red wine on your deck someday like John and Anna! AND BTW... is that once again Charlie in a black Tommy Bahama shirt????

Sandel said...

Sweet poem. I hope that you guys had a terrific Thanksgiving and are feeling much better now. :)

Sada said...

Very sweet......lots to be thankful for! looks like you photoshopped my hair in because it's soooo bright! ugh!!!

Lorie said...

I love the poem!

PS Glad she got out safely!