Monday, March 9, 2009

How to Hibernate

We woke up to this, today: -25C and light snow.
Perfect weather for hibernating...yes? I shall look in my tea cupboard and see which one(s) to have. Would you have Chai, Constant Comment, licorice tea from the Remedy Tea store in Seattle, or Williams Sonoma peppermint hot chocolate? Oh-ho! I spy real chocolate in there too. Who needs tea! and then maybe some gentle Yoga ... now that's a stretch...

Shouldn't the 6 more weeks of winter be over? The poinsettia thinks it's still Christmas...

Or, I could mull over the final details on how to Owl Puke the Pukers.. (see earlier post.)

Perhaps I should make some veggie lasagna?

Or maybe knit a little something? Not likely. This little kit has been with me since cell phones were invented.

or I could delve into more of this book that I bought for Charlie, who loved it. Then we loaned it to Anna and it made Anna cry. Then Oprah decided it was on her must-read list, plus it's a story filled with dogs, so no doubt I'll like it.

Better yet, I could read the book while taking a bath with.....ooh what to pick? a Lush Bath Bomb.. with soothing bath oil or Rocky Mountain bath salts...hmmmm..

Shall I increase my brain synapses by learning to say, "I would like a bottle of white wine, please." en Francais? Je voudrais une bouteille de vin blanc, s'il vous plait." .

Right, Lee? That'd be a good hibernating activity. That's an oxymoron - hibernating and activity. Yet, somewhere out there, someone, like my brother and his boys in Massachusetts, are making good use of this snow! Go Marko!

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Canadian Mum said...

Just a sippin' my green tea here in the big TO and checkin' out the blog. Thinking a sip of tea in jolly old England might take away the hibernation blues!