Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Say, is it Spring?

I've decided that since the weather isn't saying Spring.. that Spring will just have to be a state of mind. This is what it looks like outside our window. -10C that's a MINUS sign... with snow and a still-frozen river, but INSIDE it can be Spring!

Bring out the spring sweaters! (Aren't you jealous, Houstonians.. we STILL get to wear sweaters.) and the Spring Boots - Hey, if you have to wear these giant slush boots, you might as well have 'em in Pansy Purple! and Spring into Spring! Nevermind all that snow on the balcony chairs...

The horses think it's spring... Look at Lee's horses, Red and Dallas. They're convinced that there's spring grass under there!

My very talented goddaughter painted this Spring Duck for me. Isn't he gorgeous?

And another talented illustrator.. the same one who did Wind in the Willows painted this precious bunny. Pretty soon, Easter will be here with all the promise of new life! See, the bunny is counting the days! Even Thaddeus is hopeful waiting by the window for his friends the Canadian Geese to come honking by.... (Susan.. I knew you've been missing Thaddeus..)

and Don and Lee have blue tongues.. now, what that has to do with Spring is beyond me.. but I couldn't resist putting them on here... Must be my brain on antibiotics. I'm taking a break from blogging till after Easter. Can you tell I need one? Happy Easter everyone!! Celebrate new life!

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