Sunday, May 24, 2009

ABC's from Abroad

Almond croissant in an Alley near Avignon...

from a Boulangerie tres Belle, tres Bonne?

a Bicyclist Beyond Belief

and Berets by the Bunch.
Charlie Contemplating outside Chapel

and a Crazy Coat in a Courtyard.

Dos Dalis on Display,

Eyeing the Eiffel Tower,

and an Edgy Edward.

Famous Flowing Fountain
and Fabulous Fruits.

Grisly Gravestones

Hanging High

and HRH's Horses.

Indigo Irisesand Inside Inigo Montoyo's Inner sanctum ...(ok..that's stretching it.)
Just Jane before

Karting the Kids around.

Leapin', well, Lazin' Lizards


Man iMMobilized,

Magnificent Maison du Moulin,

and Marvelous Movie Mania.. (the real-life set of Amelie)

and Morrison's post-Mortem.
Nativity outside the Nave

and did you Notice the Narcotics Noser?
Olives are On!

Oobviously it's Octopus and Paella (cool! O and P in same one...carrying on..)


Plenty of Paddingtons

and a Posh Poodle, Pierre.

Plus Phillippe Preparing to Provide Plates of Pasta!

Quest for Quasimodo
and Quiet, quiet

Regarding Regal gardens in the Rearview

while Sharon Sees Sumptious Squares to Sample.
Traitors Traverse at the Tower
and Tom Taking Texture

and then there's
Terry Tormenting Teens by Trippin' in Toeshoes (Taken after Trip but Topical)

Unitedly Us!
Vincent Van Gogh
and a View from Van Gogh's Vantage.
Valreas' Weeping Wisteria (oooh V and W in one.. I'm on a roll!)
Winter Wishing upon a Wall of Wine,
and Wavy Woodwork.

eXtraordinarily and eXactingly still.

Y, it's just Y-ine.

the baZaar &

the biZarre

Here's to Z-life!


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this, tel. they are great pictures and I can't figure how many changes of clothes you have on when you just took one carry on bag?

Nicole (The Concierge!) said...

Did you guys try out the black squid ink paella in Barcelona?! It creeped me out WAY too much to even sample!
The photos are awesome! Very artistic!