Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grandparent Giggles

Today was the last day of Grandparent Reading..very sad to see it end.

I've had these two sweet ones all school year... E's favorite line is "Do you think you'd like to bring us a treat next week?" P is Russian, just learning English, and has the cutest way of saving "taaarrrrrrrrrrrrruck." He told me on our very last day, "Did you notice that E always gets to go first and I was very patient?" Yes, P..I did notice.
And I've had Miss B, who is VERY interested in Stevie, the school's ghost. We read about the Incredibly Revolting Ghost, the Averagely Spooky Ghost and a whole hosts of other ghosts....mostly from under the table so Stevie couldn't get us. Sometimes I had two other girls at the same time so I brought in a big bedsheet one day and we were ALL under there. Was that in the job description?
we NEVER get to go crazy in the library, but on the last day C and G broke loose,
and turned things a little upside down ...
Here's my buddy, J, who loves to sneak up on me and then we talk all about Batman Lego for DS (with me trying to remember as much Batman as I can from the 60s reruns.) Did you know that the Penguin's only weapon is an umbrella and that he would rather run than fight Batman?

The kids gave us all these handmade thank you cards which these days is becoming a lost art. I love 'em!
and then they did a concert for us on the spoons.
and gave us roses too! If it's bribery for showing up next year it just might work.
So, we're free for the summer...IF it ever turns to summer up here? So Jackolynn and I have already made lots of girls day out plans.
and after all that fun.. here comes the icing on the cake: my limo driver to take me to lunch. Bye kids! Thanks for a great year!

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Sada said...

very sweet. You are very good with's definately a gift! Why am I not surprised that a child asks if you are going to bring them a gift next time!!??