Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rockies Road Trip

With the temps finally in the above 0 range, normally, we'd be biking, hiking, or just hanging out in the park, but because of a little glitch in "someone's" foot, we decided to hop in the Jeep and take a Rocky Mountain Road trip, riding out towards the mountains to see if we could find the ranch where they train the RCMP horses.

So, fortified with hay and oats from our usual watering hole, we head off!
By golly,'s gonna be a glorious day!
Just look at those mountains... still snow on 'em. I decided after a few hours of driving around, that it might be a good idea to pull out the trusty GPS. I typed in "Ranch" and all it came back with was LutheRAN CHurch and bRANCH Davidians. NOT, exactly what we're looking for, but Charlie's usually really good with just intuiting directions.. so we'll just keep going. Giddyup!
But after a few more kilometers, it's time to restock the ol' feedbag with 8 essential vitamins and minerals. Don't be gigglin' there .. see the real dairy and 'taters we got? And isn't there a special category for Sour Patch Kids in the food pyramid.
Back on the road again.....Oooh..what kind of surprises might be over that bridge?

Oh, look! It's a whole herd of whitetail deer. I caught the last one as they bounded into the thicket and disappeared. Lucky for them, we were only hunting them with a Canon and lucky for us, they passed 50' instead of 5' in front of us.

The scenery was just like this the whole way. However, we seem to be off the navigational charts.. where are we??

Aha! Here's a cool Forest Service road - it says "unpaved road" on the GPS.. well, no kidding! NO one on it. Not even loggers, but we can hear ATVers off road.. busy making ruts..oh well.. we'll try not to worry 'bout them.

My brother, Alan, a lifetime Forester and occasional forest firefighter, would be proud we heeded this sign. Now, we need to teach the pine bark beetle to read too!

Hey, which direction are we going? That says TEXAS gate! Aren't we in Canada? (very small joke)

Hey! We found it! The Ya Ha Tinda Ranch! How did we do that? No horses in sight though... hmmm? Was this a wild chase?

But, wait, here's another cool "sign." Where there are stirrups, there are horses, right?

Here we are! Hello, Mr. Ed! (8#X) If you're under 40, you can google Mr. Ed.
And now, that we made it's time to head back.

Whoo Hoo! We got back in time for dinner at Lee and Don's farm where they rustled us up some mighty fine grub. Cheers!

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