Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vanishing Vinyls

Shelagh and Thomas had us over recently for a little Lebenslust* at their house. It was an absolutely gorgeous evening. No parkas needed. The neighborhood party started out innocently enough. Hang out on the front porch, drink a little lemonade and then whoaa....Ian arrives from next door with a pile of fresh lobsters! Master W is checking those babies out!
Christine, Shelagh and I were solving a few of the world's problems... we are just so good at that!

Charlie's just chillin'. He doesn't notice Naomi nudging in.

Here we are stuffing ourselves silly with some mouthwateringly delicious homemade pizzas --Unspeakably yummy. Perhaps, purely by chance, we might happen to be in their 'hood on Friday nights. Pizza stalkers..yep...that's us.
and THEN it was time to spin the old vinyls. Shelagh had some of some great old Canadian bands and I had borrowed a whole box of classics from a friend. What is it about taking hold of the actual record.. the original artwork? Indescribableness. We had Van Halen, Pat Benatar, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, The Cars, The Stones, Creedence, The Pretenders, Queen...and more. I dare you to find anything like Classic Rock. (Roger...Mozart is classic in a different way.)
Here's Terry L, a fine, upstanding, church-going, Ph.D earning, job-holding, father of two, spouse to one. He's reminiscing over the Deep Purple ..looks innocent enough, eh? (remember this image - you'll need it later.)
Now..if you're over 40... do you remember when you'd sit and listen to an entire album (usually in someone's basement) BOTH sides? OK, if you're under 40, you might just get the same glazed-over look that Riley has.

But the boys are beginning to boogy ...

and the girls are getting into the groove...
It is time to put on the Spinners and let 'er rip! We danced and danced and danced and just let it all hang out. Shelagh put on her high heels for some added panache. You go, girl!
and then we enticed Christine to try on the heels. It's a party now! And then, remember the image you are holding in your mind from before?? got it??

"Someone else who shall remain nameless, put on the high heels. Go Terry! We were sooo cracking up and loving it. I don't think anyone did THIS in the 70s but The Times They Are A'changin'. (Sorry, Riley, but this will not be the last time your dad does something to completely mortify you. Isn't it nice of me not to post this to your facebook?)

This is what they mean by Lebenslust - the Joy of Life!

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