Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Boring Bailout Blog

Hello, dear reader. You are spared! I was all set to have a big belabored blog about the bailout. But after listening to CNN, Fox, BBC, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, - don't think i hit CBS.. and reading, reading, reading newspapers on both sides of the border I just couldn't bring myself to be one more mouthpiece talking about it. I am pretty pissed off about the whole mess cause a few people were making major money at the expense of many. Yet, I'm not naive enough to think that it will self-correct.
But, I've decided i will not blog about the bumbling boobs blustering about the bailout. I can't do anything about it except pray that some sense gets knocked into the people who CAN do something about it.

So how about a few random photos about what else we got ourselves into this week: We dashed back to Long Island for the Homecoming Game (aka excuse for reunion with old football buddies) at C's Alma Mater, The United States Merchant Marine Academy - King's Point, one of the five US service academies just in case ya didn't know. Charlie's buddy, the infamous Harvey, is in the KP Athletic Hall of Fame and there's also an annual award given out in his brother's name, so we visited their plaques. These guys won the Lambert Bowl in 19___ oooh nevermind the year. It's the first and only time it has ever been won by Kings Point. Now, for bonus points and a free KP souvenir, can you name the year? Ok, that's an unfair and obscure question, but you can find anything on Google and after all there's a free gift of unspecified value involved.
This is Coach Martucci (Da Tucch). Tucch is the coach of the running backs for the KP Mariners and was football cohort of Charlie's, the Class of 19__ , let's just say the disco decade.

Thankfully KP won the game so the Coach was quite the jovial fellow at the racuous post-game celebration with some of the ol' gang.

Charlie was smilin' all night, of course except when the camera appears. He even was smiling when he was trying to pretend that the pre-birthday cake they brought out that said "Happy Birthday Charlie" was not for him. (and I'm not gonna try Denise's trick to get him to smile http://thesandelstars.blogspot.com/ )

So, what's a trip to NY without stepping out in the City that Never Sleeps? I got these photos from sensospeciale off Flickr bec. DUH! i didn't have my camera when we walked through Times Square but we did walk right by this Vote sign (see it way up there?) and the I heart Ugly Betty neon which is above the Toys R Us store. Not too many years ago, I remember Times Square as a crime-filled den of porn stores, ugly theaters, and general debauchery. Now, it's all glitz, glamour, ticker tape and tinsel and just an eensy bit of ye old tyme debauchery.

We took the subway and the Long Island Rail Road everywhere..such good public transportaters (look it up: it's a Scrabble word for sure) we are.

But then, sad news came. We lost a Hollywood icon and humanitarian. Paul Newman was my first and only movie star love. Ever since I watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, I was completely hooked by those steel-blue eyes and the chiseled Adonis looks and then seeing him in The Sting clinched my undying adoration. But, to keep the romance going, he turned into one of the country's most generous philanthropists donating millions to charity through his Newman's Own line and founding the Hole in the Wall Gang for seriously ill kids. Awwww... guys like that should live forever.

So we're back to town after the quick weekend and we are STILL having a little leftover summer!! We wore shorts and rode our bike the other day and it's supposed to last a few more days. Now C is off to Saskatoon, Sasketchewan listed as one of the most attractive cities in Canada....is that for real? While you're googling the Lambert Bowl, look up Saskatoon on Google Earth and see if you can see the grain silos.

Only days till the big 6-0 birthday. not going to mention whose...

(oh..and go visit http://dreamscountrygirl.blogspot.com/ cause she posted a recipe just for me! la la la la la la)


Dana Jones said...

your blog is so pretty with the background and all. I haven't figured out how to do such extraordinary decor on mine yet.

I saw on Country Girl you thought you only had one reader, and so I thought I'm gonna go see her!

I'm mad about the bailout too. what about all us who did the right hting, lived within our means, paid off our debts, kept our mortgages current and sedn our kids to college without the help of the government? What do we get?

I guess we get to sleep at night. Except I haven't even been doing that very well lately. Well, sorry to dump my thoughts here on your blog. But I thought it was relevant.

I am so sorry about Mr. Newman too. A real icon in American Film!

Sandel said...

Glad that Dad was able to visit with some OLD buddies :) Love ya both

Canadian Mum said...

Okey Dokey Janesy and Charles! Now that you are back from your NYC excursion and are up to snuff on your "Scrabble abilities" (from navigating the NY subway signs)... Try this one out:
Cats hIt shaBey mama?
Tilt your harri home!

For answer: Check out those pics of Cheeky Charlie and his peeps!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

wheeee.canadian mum left me a scrabblegram!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

i finally got it! it says "Charlie, is that your Tommy Bahama shirt?! i may have to blog about how much he wears that shirt..