Sunday, September 7, 2008


Oh no! I've been out of town and Denise and Sada both tagged me on their blogs. What that means is that I'm supposed to write 7 quirky things about me and then tag other people and have them do the same. Who knew blogs would turn into the next chain letters?

So here's 7 quirky things 'bout me:

1) I love, love being a grandma (thanks to Charlie's kids).

2) I don't like asparagus, melons, pickles, beets, angel food cake, and people who are rude. I DO love oysters..raw, fried, in oyster stew, any which way.

3) I want to learn how to play paddle tennis and I wish I could heli-ski. I also secretly wish I could make pies like Beatrice.

4) I've had job titles like shoe shine girl, babysitter, waitress, work-study library worker, commodities broker's sales assistant, student employment coodinator, national community organizer, executive director, senior communications liaison, rodeo clown, chief bottlewasher, and mom.

5) I've been asked many times if I could clone my husband. He won't be happy that I told you that but 'tis true.

6) I mostly live in my Jazzercise clothes all day. (ok..that, and a parka in the winter) and I not-so-secretly covet my friend Sharon's Lululemon stuff.

7) Thank to Denise Renee, I'm addicted to Country Girl's blog, and I haven't even met her. But someday soon hope to show her some Texas-sized hospitality. That and a little Goode Co. BBQ and she'll be our BFF!

I'm not sure my other tagees will be able to play along ... but here goes. Check out their blogs anyway.


Holly at even though Holly is off with Backroads Adventures to Italy. check out her near-death experience with a real bear just up the road in Canmore.

Charlie's niece's blog about her sweet young son who is facing continuing heart challenges. or Laura's blog at (no update recently but when she's in Africa, it's unbelievable.)

and an excellent current events blog from inside China posted by my friend Jean's son, Tim,



Sada said...

I love the titles! too funny!! I think this is cool b/c we get to learn more about each other.

Sandel said...

I just knew you had to have been a rodeo clown!!!!! We love havung you as a grandparent as well, I am glad that we have someone that spends time with our babies.

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

you already are my bff...but hte goode bbq will def help.

BWJ said...

yes, I would like to clone your husband. He is also a great brother!!! And did a great job of giving me a sister!