Friday, September 12, 2008

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

It's a POP QUIZ!
Take a look at the following photos...all of them taken on our recent trip to a certain City..somewhere.. Can you guess? don't spoil it by looking ahead. If you make a comment on the blog and only ON the blog and your guess is correct, I'll give you a prize. For some of you the delivery may be a wee bit delayed, but it will be a prize nonetheless. So comment. it's not hard. click on comments....

Photo 1) Is that Cameron Diaz up there? Photo 2) Buildings built opposite each other with a dome you can barely see in the middle. Notice no windows on the outside!

Look at the reflection closely and you'll see a church in the midst of the buildings downtown in the City. The condo around it bought the airspace above the church so if the church ever decided to sell, they wouldn't lose their view. So far no real defining photos to give it away, eh? But see the hint on the left side of the photo??

And another reflection of The Tower from a city sidewalk.

Look at this cool sculpture of fans outside the baseball park in this City. (hint: the park has a retractable roof) I should have said under my Quirks post that I'm a baseball FANatic and hope to make it to every MLB ballpark someday.

Oooh, look. E-talk on location all set up for Int'l Film Festival...awaiting arrival of celebs and celeb-gawkers. and LOOK who showed up to see us. The papers said he was promoting his new movie but I knew better. We're over HEeeere, Bradddd!
Here's another hint:
This beach borders on the 14th largest lake in the world and is the deepest of a set of 5. Now THAT was a big HINT!

And which one of these boats is mine? It's the one with the orange sail cover.
Where ARE we? Another hint: Back in 1961 a UFO landed in the City and hit the ROM Museum and it was too big a job to clean it up, so it sits as it landed. ROM..there's a hint within that acronym.
Another must -see here in this City is Ed Mirvish's shop. Honestly, I feel really fortunate that I don't HAVE to shop in there, landmark or no landmark.
And here's Lady H, my partner in crime, who traipsed to absolutely every shop in a 900 block radius looking for the perfect trekking bag. I won't mention that she almost got us kicked out of one coat shop.
Did I mention that I'm a BIG baseball fan? So look closely, cause here comes your BIGGEST hints about where we are if you didn't get it from TOWER, LAKE, BIG TIME FILM FESTIVAL, MLB BALLPARK with TWO COUNTRY FLAGS.
I bet Cody would love to be one of those kids doing a dance on the dugout. Play ball! Can you see the pitcher's unique sidewinding style? Game was fairly slow with the home team leading 3-0 most of the way until the Devil Rays tied it up in the 8th inning and it went into extra innings...and thennnnnnn...the HOME team got a walk-off GrandSlam to win it in the 14th inning! Whoo hoo!

Now, make an educated GUESS about what CITY this is on the comments...there's a PRIZE involved!


Dreams of a Country Girl said...

uhm...san diego

oh wait...wait...toranto

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

good job - you win a free BBQ dinner in Houston - we still have BBQ after Ike!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

i will take it sister...and i will wait for you to get those logs cleaned up...and then we will need pedis

Canadian Mum said...

OK country girl... it's Toronto.... not Toranto... I'll forgive you this time but don't let it happen again!!! I think she only deserves 1/2 of a bbq... unless she writes dictionary pages with the proper spelling... geez, us easterns are touchy...