Sunday, September 21, 2008

Political Post

Disclaimer: The following is mostly for my USA friends.

Are you a political punk?
Do you let other people tell you why they have the political views they do?
Or do you get disgusted and dismiss them?
Can you listen to what they have to say without judging them as a person? Geesh..that's a hard one, eh?
Do you try to persuade them that their choice is just plain WRONG or that it will bring untold damage to the country for years to come? It's sort of like persuading your son, daughter, or best friend that their girl/boyfriend is not right for them by pointing out their (completely obvious to you) shortcomings. Not only does it not work, but the more you try to make your case with smart remarks that express your disdain, the more they dig in their heels and defend their love for that person even more. They have to resist you, even if some tiny part of them starts to see your point. Falling in love feels great and many people fall "in love" with a candidate.
So, instead of trying to convince the person that you are RIGHT with your views, ask them a question about their views and then listen to their answer. It's pretty hard to change minds just by pointing out what YOU don't like about THEIR candidate which is probably exactly what they like. You can't change anyone's mind by bullying.
We must try to DISCIPLINE ourselves to resist the urge to make fun or disparage, and instead use what we've learned about people in love. We have to acknowledge and honor their FEELINGS (now THAT one is hard!) and then craft and ask questions that will help them understand your viewpoint. They don't have to agree - but at least maybe they'll have a better understanding of why you feel the way you do.

It'll take practice to really listen and acknowledging folks who have different views but sometimes we can learn a bit in the process. Ahhh, democracy! Be sure to let them know that it's ok to disagree with you. And then be sure it IS okay to disagree with you. Political differences don't have to make enemies.
For sure I've probably lost you, but if you're still there, What do you think?
(the above is adapted/paraphrased/semi-plagiarized from friend Terry Nicholetti at


ko said...

hello there! YEs, she is a doodle..a golden doodle...the best dong on earth!!! :) Hope you are having a good night..i cant quit reading the book "the shack" I finally made myself put it down. Now I am going to bed!

ko said...

funny~ that guy DANIEL is my best friends son......he is like our adopted son.....the poor thing was pest guy came and ya know did what ever....and ..ughhhh it was terrible! one of the worst experiences ever!
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Dreams of a Country Girl said...

amen honey child amen...i am on the front row pew waving my hanky at you....amen sister friend

now i must go decide who i am gonna vote for...ahhhh

Sada said...

All that time I thought you wrote it!! Ha! yeah yeah yeah......MCCAIN all the way!!!!!!